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Monday, January 7, 2008

Swimmers Warned After Shark Spotted Near La Jolla

photo example of shark size: great white shark (note: this photo is real, but was not in La Jolla) - image courtesy white shark trust (click here for more images)

In December, a large shark spotted by a kayaker near La Jolla Cove has triathletes and swimmers on alert. (more)

CBS reports that lifeguards received the report of a possible shark sighting around noon. They sent a boat out to warn swimmers and offer them a lift back to shore as a precaution.

The kayaker described the shark as being more than 20 feet in length. It is not known what species was spotted.

Lifeguards say at that size, it may have been a great white shark.


I have often said that the city's decision to kick the children off the beach at children's pool in order to let the seals to take up residence would invite some great white's to take up residence nearby. They kicked McDonalds out of downtown La Jolla years ago, only to open McShark. I do love the seals, but I think they would be more happy in Pt. Loma, away from the largest no boat no boat human swimming area in the country - the La Jolla Cove.

Here is a quote from a summer report from a diving web site chat room:

"The seals at La Jolla children’s pool have finally attracted a mid sized white shark. I get reports of a 15 to 17 ft great white shark in La Jolla every other day. He buzzes free divers, steals tuna from fishermen, he cruses the inside and outside of the kelp forest, and he likes to eat seals. He is acting just like white sharks from Isla Guadalupe. Well we finally have our shark. I predict a local shark attack on a human within two years, because of the dumb seals.

I heard these reports last night. Two free divers were buzzed in the kelp hospital point, the got out of the water. A large white was munching hooked yellow tail from the charter boats on the outer edge of the La Jolla Kelp, a mid sized seal bit was bobbing in the kelp.
I am used to diving with man-eaters, (Ano Nuevo, point Reyes, Samona…..) no problem, but this one bothers me.
Be careful out there." -freediver7

As Freediver said, Be careful triathletes.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Holiday Wish - Heal Fast Tony Pedeferri!

Photo: Mitch Thrower, David Gonzales, Tony Pedeferri

I received this letter today from my great friend David Gonzales (middle of the photo above) and my Holiday wish is now for Tony Pedeferri, (on the right in the photo above) to heal fast and to be ready for next year's Ironman Hawaii. You can do it Tony! Here is the letter Dave sent me...

Hello Everyone,

Please forgive this mass mailing, but I need your help. A friend of mine, CHP Officer Tony Pedeferri, assigned out of the Ventura (CA) office, was severely injured in an accident on Wednesday evening (12/19). He is in critical condition, on a ventilator, and as I write this is experiencing paralysis from the chest down due to major trauma to his neck and thoracic spine.

The good news is that his spinal cord was not severed, and the doctors hope that the paralysis will be temporary, due to post-surgical swelling and bruising, but it is too early to tell. Tony is a three time finisher of Ironman Hawaii, having competed there just last October. He is only 36 years old, married, and the father of two young children.

I've known Tony for many years, and he is a stellar family man, officer and triathlete. He was injured after he made a traffic stop on the highway, and the car he stopped was struck from behind by an impaired driver, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The force of the collision killed the person Tony had stopped, and propelled Tony nearly 80 feet into the bushes.

I am asking for your help, large or small. As you can imagine, Tony's family is experiencing financial hardship with expenses not covered by insurance or worker's compensation. His family has come to his bedside to be with him and his wife Carrie at this most difficult time. Please consider making a donation to the fund set up by the Ventura Office of the California Highway Patrol.

You can mail your check, payable to "765 Squad," with the notation "Ofc. Pedefferi Fund" in the memo line to:

California Highway Patrol
Ventura Office
Attention: Officer Matt Winter

4656 Valentine Road

Ventura, CA 93003

I know that money is tight at this time of year, but please consider making a donation. Please keep Tony and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

With Appreciation,
Dave G

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Meaningful Letter

I received this letter today. Sometimes I wonder if my writing is helping people stay motivated - it's a very special thing for me when I receive letters that affirm that I am helping people.
Train Smart!

Hey Mitch-

I just wanted to thank you for your continued consistent, honest, exciting, fun about showing all of us the true meaning of being a athlete/
Ironman. I have been living in Minneapolis for 3.5 years now after moving from San Diego. I continue to pursue my goal of doing an Ironman every year, so far so good. I am constantly asked why and how do you do it? I always give them my best and honest answer but if they want more, I give them a copy of one of your Starting Lines articles to give the best answer about what it takes and how enjoyable it is.
Thanks Mitch, for helping teach me and others about how truly inspiring and life-changing this sport is. It has helped/saved me and I can't wait to train tomorrow!

Johnny Surprise
Dir. of Sports & Entertainment Marketing
ASI Communications

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dolphins Save Surfer From Becoming Shark’s Bait

Triathletes do ponder sharks when they are swimming, and shark attacks are rare, but they do happen. Here is an incredible story...

A pod of
bottlenose dolphins helped protect the severely injured boarder. Article from the Today show - By Mike Celizic

Surfer Todd
Endris needed a miracle. The shark — a monster great white that came out of nowhere — had hit him three times, peeling the skin off his back and mauling his right leg to the bone.

That’s when a pod of
bottlenose dolphins intervened, forming a protective ring around Endris, allowing him to get to shore, where quick first aid provided by a friend saved his life.

“Truly a miracle,”
Endris told TODAY’s Natalie Morales on Thursday. To read the entire article click here.~

Saturday, October 27, 2007

San Diego Air Quailty Forecast And More

Triathletes across San Diego are wondering how much ash and particulate matter is in the air and when is it safe to start to work out.

You can check the air quality in San Diego
here. After scanning the information about the air quality, I am going to wait until Monday before I start working out again. I've used air filters for a decade, and I recommend Bionaire air filters for your home, even when there are no fires - check them out here. You can check the tides in San Diego, here, the weather here, and the time of sunrise and sunset (and moonrise and set) in San Diego here. Of course, you can always check traffic here.~

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why Blog from Kona? - Mitch Thrower

Photo: Mitch Thrower, by Dave Gonzales

Why take all the time to photograph, crop, post, video, upload and write about this race? There is enough to think about this week in
preparation, and with the race week activities. But blog I must, because this race has changed my life and I hope it will change yours too.

It was my 12
th Ironman Hawaii last Saturday - and every year, my compass has been re-set, my fitness calibration has been re-adjusted and the lava has taken me someplace deepin side the core of my being, and I like that place.

This may sound like one of those greeting cards labeled "deep thoughts," but it is a real pleasure for me to open up this small window for you into the world of
Kona on Ironman week, so that you can virtually be in Kona, at least for through a few photos and videos.

Through this small window, let
Kona in. If Kona is calling you, listen.
Find your way here to watch or to race.


Ironman Hawaii, The Monday After - Final Photo Gallery

Swimming in Kona, skilled triathlete & Triathlete Magazine board member Matt Barger who came to watch this year's Ironman.

The photo above, looks like a holiday card, e.g. "Happy Holidays from the Ironmeamea's," with Mark Rothbaum & Mia at the Palace on Ali'i drive. This year, Mark did not finish, because he had the same thing Normann, Michellie and Ferris had - that stomach and digestive issue that caused them all to drop out.

Insider Tip: if the water in Kailua Kona is murky after a long rain the night before, then don't swim that day - I always swim at the Kona pool the morning after a rainstorm, rather than at Dig Me Beach. Remember after a big rainstorm, to wait until after two tide cycles before you swim, because the runoff can cause stomach issues or strep throat. Also, clean your cuts, and always apply neosporin on any open wounds after you swim in any Hawaiian waters to avoid a staph infection.

Ironwristbands Power.... activate!

Mark Mckee, Mitch Thrower and Matt Barger before a final Kona Swim.

The water was very clear on the last day in Kona.

Linsay Corbin on the Monday swim - she pulled a muscle and had to drop out this year, but she'll be back next year...


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Awards and Triathlete Magazine Party

The Triathlete Magazine Party

Katya Myers & Jessi Stensland.

Magdalena Jackow, David Haym (who did a 54 min swim) & Lil Royale
Iron-legends Greg Welch & Wendy Ingraham
A world record length speech, but no one noticed because the speech was really, really well done!

Noreen Cary, The Normanns & Paul Thomas
San Diego-based writer Don Norcross with the amazing editor of Triathlete Magazine, TJ Murphy, and Tim Mantoani (one of the best photographers in the world - click here for Tim's web site.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside Ironman Hawaii 2007 - IRONMITCH Video Blog

For Ironmitch Video Coverage of Ironman 2007, just push play and then move your mouse over the screen to select one of the mini-episodes of the daily video coverage from Kona, Hawaii.

Push the play arrow then ove your mouse over the screen above to scroll through mini-episodes.
- or -
Click here to watch full screen version of this TV channel.

Videos are added daily - so check back here - or you can bookmark this link.

For more photos and coverage of Ironman 2007, click here or scroll down.

Lt. Andy Baldwin, MD, Ironman

Truth was heard overheard from the finish line announcer: “And here he is, Number 1549, Andy Baldwin, the Bachelor, and he’s still a bachelor.” 

Yep, Andy and Tessa have decided to split up and see where things are when he returns from the Persian Gulf. So, it’s true, and that means Andy has now become the most eligible triathlete in the sport. Andy raced sick after a 102 fever the day before, and still finished in a rapid 10 hours and 17 minutes. Good luck on your deployment Andy, from the entire Triathlon community, and thanks for bringing the sport into the worldwide spotlight!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday - The Race is Tomorrow - Photo Gallery

Almost ready...

Move this.

Got Chalk?

Go Mexico!

Surf's up.

A baby jogger with a TV?

The Pier.

Lost in Transition.

Carbo Loading Dinner & Thursday Night Lights

Kupau Ceremony


A sea of faces that are about to get slapped and kicked in a sea of faces.

The beginning.

Building the finish line for over 1800 dreams.

Katya Meyers with her poster (see her interview later today on the Triathlete Magazine Video Ironman Coverage at this link)

From the Triathlete Magazine Team, photoed here: Cameron Elford with Jessica Kirkwood, an aspiring (and talented) writer in journalism school, and TJ Murphy.

Pier pressure of a different kind...

From Philadelphia Insurance, it's Tim Maguire and his sister, Susie Maguire, Den Sutton, Carly Sutton, Ryan Sutton, Haley Sutton and Linda Short.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ironman Live Crew! Race Goes Live at @ 5:30 a.m. Hawaii Time on Saturday

Photo: Kevin Mackinnon, Greg Welch, Paul Huddle, Paula Newby Fraser and Josh Tinson, who keeps everyone connected.

Official Ironman merchandise sold here. (King Kam)

Can you hear me? The walkie talkie crew gets ready.

Swim, Bike, Run.

One of the bloggers on, Lynne Smith, who just swam the Channel on August 20th. She also has a fantastic blog of her ow at this link.