Monday, December 3, 2007

A Meaningful Letter

I received this letter today. Sometimes I wonder if my writing is helping people stay motivated - it's a very special thing for me when I receive letters that affirm that I am helping people.
Train Smart!

Hey Mitch-

I just wanted to thank you for your continued consistent, honest, exciting, fun about showing all of us the true meaning of being a athlete/
Ironman. I have been living in Minneapolis for 3.5 years now after moving from San Diego. I continue to pursue my goal of doing an Ironman every year, so far so good. I am constantly asked why and how do you do it? I always give them my best and honest answer but if they want more, I give them a copy of one of your Starting Lines articles to give the best answer about what it takes and how enjoyable it is.
Thanks Mitch, for helping teach me and others about how truly inspiring and life-changing this sport is. It has helped/saved me and I can't wait to train tomorrow!

Johnny Surprise
Dir. of Sports & Entertainment Marketing
ASI Communications

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