Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ironman Hawaii, The Monday After - Final Photo Gallery

Swimming in Kona, skilled triathlete & Triathlete Magazine board member Matt Barger who came to watch this year's Ironman.

The photo above, looks like a holiday card, e.g. "Happy Holidays from the Ironmeamea's," with Mark Rothbaum & Mia at the Palace on Ali'i drive. This year, Mark did not finish, because he had the same thing Normann, Michellie and Ferris had - that stomach and digestive issue that caused them all to drop out.

Insider Tip: if the water in Kailua Kona is murky after a long rain the night before, then don't swim that day - I always swim at the Kona pool the morning after a rainstorm, rather than at Dig Me Beach. Remember after a big rainstorm, to wait until after two tide cycles before you swim, because the runoff can cause stomach issues or strep throat. Also, clean your cuts, and always apply neosporin on any open wounds after you swim in any Hawaiian waters to avoid a staph infection.

Ironwristbands Power.... activate!

Mark Mckee, Mitch Thrower and Matt Barger before a final Kona Swim.

The water was very clear on the last day in Kona.

Linsay Corbin on the Monday swim - she pulled a muscle and had to drop out this year, but she'll be back next year...



Anonymous said...

Hey we just got back, We watched the ironman from a distance- how is it possible to get going that fast?
Oh and we'd like to (as promised) thank the rental center in waimea... they picked us up from our hotel, drove us up the mountain, and rented us two harleys... Waipeo Valley was stunning!

GymSkinZ Triathlon Apparel said...

Awesome job Mitch. Sent you an email last week - gotta catch up at some point! I'm still sitting on my butt after Ironman Canada ;)