Monday, January 7, 2008

Swimmers Warned After Shark Spotted Near La Jolla

photo example of shark size: great white shark (note: this photo is real, but was not in La Jolla) - image courtesy white shark trust (click here for more images)

In December, a large shark spotted by a kayaker near La Jolla Cove has triathletes and swimmers on alert. (more)

CBS reports that lifeguards received the report of a possible shark sighting around noon. They sent a boat out to warn swimmers and offer them a lift back to shore as a precaution.

The kayaker described the shark as being more than 20 feet in length. It is not known what species was spotted.

Lifeguards say at that size, it may have been a great white shark.


I have often said that the city's decision to kick the children off the beach at children's pool in order to let the seals to take up residence would invite some great white's to take up residence nearby. They kicked McDonalds out of downtown La Jolla years ago, only to open McShark. I do love the seals, but I think they would be more happy in Pt. Loma, away from the largest no boat no boat human swimming area in the country - the La Jolla Cove.

Here is a quote from a summer report from a diving web site chat room:

"The seals at La Jolla children’s pool have finally attracted a mid sized white shark. I get reports of a 15 to 17 ft great white shark in La Jolla every other day. He buzzes free divers, steals tuna from fishermen, he cruses the inside and outside of the kelp forest, and he likes to eat seals. He is acting just like white sharks from Isla Guadalupe. Well we finally have our shark. I predict a local shark attack on a human within two years, because of the dumb seals.

I heard these reports last night. Two free divers were buzzed in the kelp hospital point, the got out of the water. A large white was munching hooked yellow tail from the charter boats on the outer edge of the La Jolla Kelp, a mid sized seal bit was bobbing in the kelp.
I am used to diving with man-eaters, (Ano Nuevo, point Reyes, Samona…..) no problem, but this one bothers me.
Be careful out there." -freediver7

As Freediver said, Be careful triathletes.


Filippo said...

can someone please tell me if the picture of the great white with the kayaker is real?

Where was taken?

And what happen next?

Thankyou for your time.


Ryan D said...

Is that diving site chat room for real???