Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why Blog from Kona? - Mitch Thrower

Photo: Mitch Thrower, by Dave Gonzales

Why take all the time to photograph, crop, post, video, upload and write about this race? There is enough to think about this week in
preparation, and with the race week activities. But blog I must, because this race has changed my life and I hope it will change yours too.

It was my 12
th Ironman Hawaii last Saturday - and every year, my compass has been re-set, my fitness calibration has been re-adjusted and the lava has taken me someplace deepin side the core of my being, and I like that place.

This may sound like one of those greeting cards labeled "deep thoughts," but it is a real pleasure for me to open up this small window for you into the world of
Kona on Ironman week, so that you can virtually be in Kona, at least for through a few photos and videos.

Through this small window, let
Kona in. If Kona is calling you, listen.
Find your way here to watch or to race.


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